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The Flycrates Chrome Extension adds convenient "Add to Flycrates" buttons to

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Why Flycrates is Prime-only

Amazon's 50 million Prime items reach Flycrates for free in 2-6 days. That means lower prices, no storage fees and faster shipping to you.

Look for the Prime logo on Amazon. You can also search 'Prime-only'. No Prime account needed.

Don't see your size, color or spec?

Flycrates filters out variations that are not Prime, unavailable, slow to ship, too large or missing vital info. If you can't select it, Flycrates can't ship it to you, sorry.

Does Amazon have the quantity you want?

Please check your item's Amazon page for availability. Some items "only have 1 in stock".

To avoid delays or cancellation, don't order more than are available.

Import charges may apply

This shipment is subject to import charges (import duty and sales tax).

If a payment is due, customs will contact the recipient prior to delivery. Flycrates will include an invoice in your tracking email when your order ships. Recipients should also have a form of ID ready.

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