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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flycrates work?

Instead of filling a cart on Amazon, you fill a crate here on Flycrates. We then buy your Amazon items for you, and ship them to you.

Is my order guaranteed?

We'll refund you in full if your order is lost or damaged. Note: In most countries you will need to pay import charges and show ID prior to delivery.

Do you only ship Amazon?

We only ship US Prime items. Please check if the items you want are available on What's Prime?

Do I get a US shipping address?

No - Just add Amazon items to your crate right here, check out, and we'll ship your crate to you.

What is a crate?

A crate is simply a shipping box containing your items. We offer 3 sizes, which you can fill for a fixed price.

How do I pay?

You check out here using any Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, JCB, Discover or Diners Club card, PayPal or Bitcoin. Cash on delivery is not available.

Important: Can I order anything?

Unsafe, illegal or incompatible items are your responsibility. If in doubt, don't order them. Learn more

Why won't Amazon ship to me?

The main reason is customs, which makes international shipping slow and expensive.

Important: Will I pay anything on arrival?

It depends on the country, so we'll tell you at checkout. For some countries we offer to charge you upfront then pay all charges for you.

How do you handle returns?

If an item arrives defective, tell us then send it back to us. We'll return it and refund you.

Do you offer tracking?

Yes, we send you a detailed tracking link when your crate ships. You'll know exactly where your order is. View example

Where do you deliver?

To your door, or wherever you prefer. Some customers prefer to pick up at a nearby DHL, FedEx or UPS office.

Our customers are a happy bunch.

You guys did a great job with my shipment, and you deserve more business as a service such as yours is sorely lacking for shipments into Aruba. Customs here is a pain and has been forever.

Tom, Oranjestad, Aruba

Superior customer support; Very responsive! Do exactly what it is said! Ship to ASEAN countries in 3 days! Very impressive, Highly recommend to everyone!!!!

Sedo, Yangon, Myanmar

Thanks for your assistance. My shipment was received today. Great Service - will use you guys again for sure!

Matthew, Roseneath, New Zealand

I received all the goods. It's in perfect condition. Regards

Rohan, Cape Town, South Africa

I am so thankful for you guys! You are making island med school life so much easier for me. Thanks for the awesome service.

Sarah, Camps, St Kitts

Thanks to You. All my packages reached me safe and sound.

Maurious, Coimbatore, India

Package received very smoothly, this was awesome and a life saver.

Sid, Noida, India

Amazing service so far. I'll spread the news here in my country. Kudos.

Momoh, Lagos, Nigeria

AAHHHH look what arrived this morning... thank you so much! Can't recommend you guys enough!

Jules, Dublin, Ireland

I am very impressed with the service you've given and shall be certain to recommend you to others here in the UK.

Lisa, London, United Kingdom

I would like to thank flycrates team for my past experiences around flycrates delivery which has been on time always and items in good shape. The chrome plugin is very helpful. Thanks again for your responsiveness.

Awais, Muscat, Oman

Thank you SO much, very excited to share with friends... I will definitely start my wish list for you guys!

Veronica, Shanghai, China

Thanks for a great service! If someone asks for a reference, send them to me.

Jon, Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you so much, I will definitely be contacting you again.

Ruth, Upper Largo, Scotland

The item has been delivered safely today and it works fine too with my display (I am a digital artist by profession). Thank you very much! I'll make another order very very soon. :D

Tim, Blantyre, Malawi

I %$^@! love you guys

Rhys, Llanelli, United Kingdom

My bottles arrived! Was a long trip to Australia, thanks for making it happen :D

Washington, Wishart, Australia

My ColourPop order has just arrived! I'm beyond excited! Thank you! Great job as always!

Caterina, Bergamo, Italy

Thank you, God bless!

Flora, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Done deal! Great service, as usual.

Brad, Leeds, United Kingdom

Thanks so much!!

Joshua, Singapore

Will definitely be recommending you and use you again in the future. Thank you.

Nick, Edinburgh, Scotland

Thanks for sending my order to me in London. Great service!

Adrian, London, United Kingdom

I'll definitely come to you again and recommend you.

Aimée, Nottingham, United Kingdom
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