Important Notice - Updated Information for Amazon International Shipping to your country
  • Amazon has recently expanded Amazon Global, its selection of items from the main US Amazon store that can be shipped internationally.
  • It’s a lot like a filtered version of the main Amazon website which simply excludes the items that can’t be shipped internationally.
  • If you're looking to get an Amazon item shipped to you internationally, we strongly recommend you start by visiting Amazon Global.
  • Flycrates will be expanding our advice section for Amazon International Shipping in the coming weeks.

About Flycrates

Flycrates orders for you, then ships to you, worldwide.

Amazon won't ship to you? Flycrates will.

Flycrates makes international shipping 'as easy as a local delivery':

Every order shipped is 100% guaranteed — or your money back.

Let Flycrates help you.

Flycrates customers get fast customer service. If you have any questions, please email Flycrates's mailing address is 1450 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109 USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flycrates work?

Instead of filling a cart on Amazon, you fill a crate here on Flycrates. Flycrates buys your Amazon items for you, then ships them to you.

Is my order guaranteed?

100%. You'll get a full refund if your order isn't delivered or made available for pickup at a nearby location.

Can I only order U.S. Amazon?

Flycrates only ships U.S. Prime items. Please check if the items you want are available on What's Prime?

Do I get a US shipping address?

No. Just add Amazon items to your crate right here, check out, and your crate is delivered.

What is a crate?

A crate is simply a box containing your items. Choose from 3 sizes, which you can fill for a fixed shipping price.

How do I pay?

You pay once, at checkout, using any Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, JCB, Discover or Diners Club card, or PayPal. Cash-on-delivery is not currently available.

Important: Can I order anything?

Unsafe, illegal or incompatible items are your responsibility. If in doubt, don't order them. Learn more

Why won't Amazon ship to me?

The main reason is customs, which makes international shipping slow and expensive.

Important: Will I pay anything on arrival?

No. You'll be charged for tax and duty at checkout, then Flycrates pays these for you at customs. Some countries require ID prior to delivery.

How does Flycrates handle returns?

If an item arrives defective, tell us, then send it back. Flycrates will return it to Amazon, and refund you.

Do you offer tracking?

Yes, you'll get a detailed tracking link when your crate ships. You'll know exactly where your order is. View examples

Where does Flycrates deliver?

To your door, or wherever you prefer. Some customers prefer to pick up at a nearby DHL, FedEx or UPS office.

Why Flycrates is Prime-only

Amazon's 50 million Prime items reach Flycrates for free in 2-6 days. That means lower prices, no storage fees and faster shipping to you.

Look for the Prime logo on Amazon. You can also search 'Prime-only'. No Prime account needed.

Detailed tracking examples

Add items to Flycrates the easy way

The Flycrates Chrome Extension adds convenient "Add to Flycrates" buttons to

★★★★★ — Available worldwide.

Install now — it's free. I prefer to copy/paste Amazon links, or search by item name

Choose a crate size

  • Small crate

    Shoe box-sized

    max vol. weight
  • Medium crate

    Backpack-sized (3x Small)

    max vol. weight
  • Large crate

    Carry-on luggage-sized (3x Medium)

    max vol. weight
  • X-Large crate

    Suitcase-sized (2x Large)

    max vol. weight

Don't see your size, color or spec?

Flycrates filters out variations that are not Prime, unavailable, slow to ship, too large or missing vital info. If you can't select it, Flycrates can't ship it to you, sorry.

Does Amazon have the quantity you want?

Please check your item's Amazon page for availability. Some items "only have 1 in stock".

To avoid delays or cancellation, don't order more than are available.

Import charges may apply

This shipment is subject to import charges (import duty and sales tax).

If a payment is due, customs will contact the recipient prior to delivery. Flycrates will include an invoice in your tracking email when your order ships. Recipients should also have a form of ID ready.

Don't have a local number?

Our shipping partner DHL often needs to confirm delivery address, timing and recipient ID by phone. They will not call a foreign number, so you will need to actively monitor your shipment and call the local DHL office to provide these details to enable delivery.

Can't find your city?

Small towns: Try area, state or region name.

Large cities: Try suburb or neigbourhood name.

Islands: Try island name or main city name.

Add any other city details in address line 2.