Amazon shipping to the Cayman Islands

Important Notice - Updated Information for Amazon International Shipping to the Cayman Islands
  • Amazon has recently expanded Amazon Global, its selection of items from the main US Amazon store that can be shipped to the Cayman Islands and other countries.
  • It’s a lot like a filtered version of the main Amazon website which simply excludes the items that can’t be shipped to the Cayman Islands.
  • If you're looking to get an Amazon item shipped to you in the Cayman Islands, we strongly recommend you start by visiting Amazon Global.
  • Flycrates will be expanding our advice section for Amazon International Shipping in the coming weeks.

Amazon shipping to the Cayman Islands

Shopping on from the Cayman Islands

Amazon (.com, the flagship U.S. store) is a popular destination for the Cayman Islands's online shoppers. The American behemoth has the best product selection in the world, stocking and selling virtually every imaginable product from every brand and store you have —and haven't— heard of. But shipping to the Cayman Islands from Amazon USA is complicated.

Does Amazon ship to the Cayman Islands / Can you buy from Amazon in the Cayman Islands?

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The short answer is: No - very few products ship to the Cayman Islands. About two thirds of Amazon stores (third-party sellers) that make up the bulk of merchants on Amazon don't ship internationally at all. So don't feel left out - every other country bar the U.S. is having trouble ordering US Amazon products and shipping internationally.

Why won't ship to the Cayman Islands?

The main reason is Customs. As you may have already experienced, getting products shipped through Customs in the Cayman Islands can take time, and money. If a friend or relative has sent you a package from abroad, it was likely held up, inspected, and subjected to import duty, which you then had to pay to have the package released and delivered to you. It's such a poor customer experience that many US stores and brands prefer to avoid it altogether.

The second reason is added complexity. Some products (electronic, for example), require local customizations to function in the Cayman Islands or comply with its regulations. Beyond the product itself, there's the added complexity of offering an international warranty, dealing with returns, and localisation of marketing, packaging materials, and after-sale support.

Then there's the shipping itself. To ship a product from US to the Cayman Islands, the shipper (the seller, not Amazon) needs to:

(Note: Amazon's shipping restrictions page is incredibly unhelpful.)

Buying then shipping Amazon to the Cayman Islands

So, what to do if Amazon won't ship to the Cayman Islands? At Flycrates we do one thing only: shipping to you when Amazon won't. Thanks to the Flycrates cart system, you can order from in a few taps:

No signup, no virtual address, no hassles.

Paying on from the Cayman Islands accepts many payment methods but your card may be refused because of a the Cayman Islands billing address, or your card is not enabled or is prohibited from use in the USA. If this is a problem for you, please use Flycrates! We accept virtually all non-US cards. For security and peace of mind, card payments are processed by Stripe.

Amazon shipping times to the Cayman Islands

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